Intellectual Property and Information Technology & Media Law

Intellectual Property is a specialise area of law that require lawyers with certain knowledge and skill not found within the circles of lawyers. Some lawyers could not differentiate between a trademark and a patent.

Intellectual property promotes creativity and innovation which in turns creates jobs, give market confidence, brand marketing and awareness and give value to the company. It is a protection of intangible properties of the Company. It allows inventor of the patents or industrial design, creator of the copyright, owner of brands to exploit their intangible property to the world at large and to be competitive.

Besides registering intellectual properties such as trademarks, patents and industrial design and do submission for copyrights, DSLY drafts high end corporate IP agreements that includes technology transfer agreement, strategic alliance agreement, license agreement, joint venture agreements, turnkey agreement, management contract and other type of contracts.

In this electronic age, internet and cyber securities, cyber bullies are now a threat to individuals and to businesses. In DSLY, we are able to assists you in representing you and your business through defamation action and criminal action under the Penal Code or the Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Act 1998

On top of that we are also capable in drafting IT and media based public policy agreement and documents in protecting your interest.

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