Franchising, Licensing and Due Diligence Exercise

This branch of the law is DSLY forte. Franchising is a specialise area. It must be differentiated with licensing. The only difference between the two is a franchise business must be governed under the laws of franchising namely the Franchise Act 1988 (as amended).

Before franchising is proposed as a scheme, a due diligence exercise must be performed to determine viability and franchisability of the business. Many documents must be prepared to conform to franchising standards as stated in the Act.

Due diligence exercise can take months and preparation of standard operating procedures and business manuals can be incredibly challenging and time consuming. Going through the webs of trial and error. Upon completing the franchise due diligence process, the business will be registered as a franchise under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development.

Thereafter we will assist the franchise to grow the business and from there the creation of family of the franchise that will spill the beans in the various part of the world through Master Franchise and Franchise Agreements.

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