Civil Litigation, Criminal Law and Public Interest

Litigation, Criminal or Civil matters are the cornerstone of DSLY. It is a whole new world involving the Court system. Litigation is described by Thomas Edison as, “Lawsuit is a suicide of time” in its literal meaning, a very cumbersome, long winded, and expensive affair. But DSLY hope to make things easy for our Client by giving logical and sensible way of dealing Court matters.

Having said that, DSLY always opt for a win-win and an out of Court solution rather than an all out combatant litigation that can be worthless and expensive. DSLY existence is to take your nightmare away.

On top of that, our lawyers are passionate in public interest cases and have many times became the voice of the unheard, the dead, the poor and the weak. Judicial reviews are sometimes filed, seeking the Court to redress issues raised in the administrative tribunals.

Civil Litigation

In Civil Litigation, DSLY assists clients in seeking legal redress for the recovery of debts arising out of

  • Loan Agreements
  • Loan Agreements
  • Foreign Exchange Facilities
  • Bill of Exchange Purchased (BEP) Facilities
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Letter of Indemnities
  • Supplementary Agreements
  • Novation Agreements

More often than not common vitiating issues and legal issues with respect to the abovementioned disputes are:

  • Negligence
  • Misrepresentation
  • Undue Influence
  • Contravention of statutes/Illegality
  • Frustration
  • Fraud
  • Contravention of Express and Implied Terms
  • Past Consideration
  • Application of waiver and indulgence clause
  • Alteration and variation of terms of agreement
  • Rights and liabilities of Principal, Debtor and Guarantors
  • Claims on debts beyond the period of limitation/claims for a statute barred debt

DSLY also advise and defend on equitable remedies available to them such as Injunctions and Specific performance

After judgment obtained, DSLY further advises on Enforcement of Judgment i.e. Bankruptcy matters, foreclosure proceedings, winding-up (see further under Corporate Litigation), Judgment Debtor Summons, Writ of Seizure & Sale, Writ of Distress, Garnishment.

DSLY is familiar with Tort namely matters falling under the Road Transport Act, Defamation Act, the area of personal injury and negligence.

DSLY is also familiar in matters arising out of the National Land Code and Building Construction laws and regulations.

Besides that DSLY has experience in Corporate Litigation within the ambits of the Companies Act, Direct Sale Act, Employment Act, Industrial Relations Act and laws of intellectual properties and Franchise litigation.

Criminal Litigation

On the criminal front, DSLY is familiar criminal law. Litigious matters including watching brief on behalf of complainant/defence counsels falling under the purview of the Penal Code such as Offences Against the Body for example homicide (s.301 Penal Code), Assault & Bodily Injury Offences (s 349-358 & s 299-309B of Penal Code); Sexual Offences such as Rape (s 376), Unlawful nature (s.377); Criminal Breach of Trust (s 405-409B of Penal Code); Offences relating to documents, currency notes and bank notes; (s 463-489D of Penal Code) Offences Against Property for example Theft and other miscellaneous (s 378 – 462 Penal Code); and the other specific laws like Drug Offences under the provisions of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

We are also familiar with quasi criminal matters under the purview of the intellectual properties regulations and licensing under City Hall, and/or government agencies.

We are also familiar with quasi criminal matters under the purview of the intellectual properties regulations and licensing under City Hall, and/or government agencies.

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