Lim Boon Ee

Corporate and Advisory

Associate Corporate and Advisory Department

Registered Patent Agent


  • Bachelor of Laws with Honours (University of Malaya)


  • Chambered at Messrs Chee Sia Le Kee & Partners
    (September 2014 – July 2015)
  • Associate at Messrs Chee Sia Le Kee & Partners
    (Aug 2015 – Feb 2016)
  • Associate at Messrs Shashi Kannan & Partners
    (Jun 2016 – Nov 2018)
  • Associate at Messrs Damian S.L. Yeo & L.C. Goh Malacca (March 2019 until to-date)


Area of Practice


  • Advising and drafting of various conveyancing agreements and security
  • Advising and drafting of will, estate planning, probate and small estate application.


  • Advising on matters pertaining to patent application.
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